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Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack + Fix Free Download [Latest]


Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack – One click away from peace of mind. Nero BackItUp: Quickly and easily back up your valuable data to external hard drives, to optical media – and now even to your cloud. Back your files up locally to another hard disk or external USB drive, burn them, or store them on network attached storage (NAS) – the choice is yours! Either way, our product will help you double-protect your files reliably. You can now also carry out your backups with OneDrive and Google Drive cloud storage.

Features :

  • New in Nero BackItUp:
    It’s the secure PC backup you need, for the irreplaceable files you love. Get started now with Nero BackItUp to protect your files and memories on your PC or laptop. Have your filed automatically backed up on up to 3 locations, such as USB hard disks. All you need to do is click one button to set up your backup.
  • Fully automate your backups
    Relax safe in the knowledge that your files are safe: You can back up your files daily, weekly, monthly – or whenever you want! Just set a time and date. You can even choose to set up a continuous file backup, and Nero BackItUp will constantly secure new data or files whenever you update them.
  • Multiple Targets
    Back your files up locally to another hard disk or external USB drive, burn them, or store them on network attached storage (NAS) – the choice is yours! Either way, our product will help you double-protect your files reliably. You can now also carry out your backups with OneDrive and Google Drive cloud storage. Data can of course also be restored online in this way, meaning backup and restoring with Nero BackItUp can be done using any location you want.
  • Version management
    Unlike other services that only save the latest version of your files, Nero BackItUp even saves earlier versions of files that you want to protect. If you make any changes to a file, all older versions of that file will be kept locally. So even if you delete or damage a file, it’s always restorable!
  • Encryption & Compression
    You can rest assured knowing that your files are safely stored thanks to hardware-accelerated AES 256-bit encryption. And with our clever compression algorithm, you can even save a bit of disk space when storing your files to a USB disk.

How To Install?

  • If you use or used another patch than this one, you must completely remove, clean out all user files with registry leftovers. If not you will end up having Nero modified error at launch!!
  • Install offline in default directory! (Do NOT change default installation directory on setup!)
  • Run Patch.exe as Admin and let it do it’s work. (Be noted that it must be installed to default directory for the patch to work.)
  • Use a firewall to block Nero. (Or you can run “block.bat”)
  • All done. Don’t click on user icon (account settings icon) on top. You will have to log in if you did so.
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.
  • That’s it, Enjoy now 😉


How to Crack and Install?

  1. Download Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
  6. Enjoy full version

Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.


  • Easy, clear setup.
  • Includes local backup option.
  • Continuous backup as you update files.
  • Local backup option.
  • Good Web interface.


  • No Windows File Explorer integration.
  • No private security key option.
  • Slow backup file processing and uploading.
  • No file version saving for online backups.
  • No Mac client.

Some things aren’t fair game for backup, including system files and program files. That means you can’t use Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack to create a full system image, as you can with Carbonite and IDrive. I had no trouble selecting an external USB drive for backup, however.

Next you choose your backup target, which ranges from Low Protection local drive to Maximum Protection online storage. I picked the latter. Only at this point was I asked to create a Nero account. I was popped back into the website, where I entered an email and created a password, no credit card required.

Now it was time to create a schedule for uploading backups. And the choices are to my liking, especially the Continuously choice, which backs up files whenever they’re modified. I could also specify daily, weekly monthly, and manual.

One thing missing from this startup wizard was a choice of security. Unlike Carbonite, SOS Online Backup, and IDrive, there was no option to keep my password unknown to the backup service. Those with super-tight security needs will probably prefer to consider one of those competitors.

Time to hit the Back Up Now button. When you do this, the central disc in the program windows starts spinning and shows the percent complete and how many files remain to be backed up. You’ll also see a Remaining time indicator—good information to know. If you click on the disc, you can stop the backup process.

The program also installs an icon in the desktop notification area (formerly known as the system tray), but it pretty much only opens the main backup window and displays notifications for backup activity. Like the huge button in the program, the icon shows backup status by its color: green if everything’s up to date and orange if files need to be uploaded. The installer doesn’t add right-click options to Windows File Explorer folder entries, as some competitors do. That Explorer integration capability makes it easier to immediately send a file anywhere in the system to the backup cloud.

Backup Speed

For performance and bandwidth testing, I timed the backup speed of Nero’s backup uploading by backing up a 100MB set of 100 folders and files (188 files in all) of mixed content types and sizes. I used PCMag’s superfast 177Mbps (upload speed) corporate Internet connection so that bandwidth wouldn’t be the limiting speed factor. Here’s how the players we tested stacked up:


Nero Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack was one of the slower performers on this test, taking 2 minutes and 42 seconds. It took nearly four times as long to complete the backup than the fastest performer, SOS Online Backup. If you have a large amount of data to upload, this speed may be an important factor.


In the desktop client, you can only restore files backed up from the same machine you’re running it on—other services let you back up from other machines, though you can access other data from the Web and mobile clients. With the desktop client, you can specify that you want files restored in-place, either overwriting or creating a new version of any existing files. A search box finds any file in your backups quickly.

Nero’s promotional site claims that file versions are kept forever, locally. But there’s no file version for files backed up to the cloud. Other services like Carbonite, IDrive, and SOS Online save multiple versions of files you’ve worked on, in case you overwrite the golden copy.

Web Access

As with most modern online backup services, Nero Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack lets you access any files uploaded to its online storage from PCs and mobile devices you’ve backed up. The interface is attractive, showing big icons for Files, Photos, Music, and Videos. The top-level folders designate each of your devices, but you’ll have to drill down one folder at a time if you have a lot of subfolders because the interface doesn’t show an expandable folder tree as most competitors do.

You can view documents, play music, and watch videos (in popular formats like MP4) right in the browser. After selecting a folder, you can drag-and-drop to upload files via the Web interface, or just use a file picker. From the settings, you can revoke access to BackItUp remotely without deleting the online backup data. But that’s not equivalent to Carbonite and IDrive’s remote wiping capabilities.

Mobile Apps

Nero offers a free 5GB of storage for its capable mobile Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack apps on the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. The apps not only let you view files uploaded from your PC (and display photos and play audio and video), but also can automatically upload all the photos shot with your mobile device. The Windows Phone app uses a perfectly OS-consistent interface, letting you swipe between phone backup, file browsing, and the settings.

The apps even let you create photo albums, though I’m not sure there’s much point to that, with so many other mobile photo organizing options. I also wish the app let me send documents to the mobile Word app for editing.

Sharing, Syncing, Extras

Sharing files in Nero works just about as you’d expect, but it’s only available in the Web and mobile clients, not the desktop program. You can assign a password and cancel viewing privileges at any time, and buttons offer quick sharing to Facebook and Twitter. There’s no write access though, just simple file downloading.

Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack offers a syncing feature that keeps two folders’ contents identical. But there’s one problem with this feature: It’s only for local folders on the PC. Other services like Mozy and OpenDrive offer true over-the-Internet folder syncing, à la Dropbox.


Imperial Backup?

Nero is bedecked in well-designed, clear clients for PC, Web, and mobile devices. But its offer of a 5GB free plan is marred by that plan’s lack of encryption and auto-uploading. I do like how the service’s standard plans let you include up to five computers and unlimited mobiles in a single account. But Nero Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack suffers from one of the slowest upload speed among services I’ve tested, and it lacks critical features like versioning for online backups. For more capable and speedier online backups, look to our Editors’ Choices, IDrive, our choice for plenitful features at a low price point, and SOS Online Backup, our online backup speed king.


Nero BackItUp v24.5.2050 Crack offers good-looking clients for PC, Web, and mobile, but it’s slower than most competitors and lacks some key capabilities.

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