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MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack (x64) + Fix Free Download [2022]


MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack is the only video editing software that makes professional video production accessible for everyone. With intuitive editing tools and workflows, getting started with Video Pro X is easier than with any other professional video editor.

The new video engine allows for seamless, uninterrupted editing of high-resolution 4K Ultra HD material on any PC.

Features :

  • Intuitive video production
    No matter how complex your film project, you can accomplish it fast. Enjoy an efficient workflow and innovative functions such as flexible track handling on a multi-format timeline. Access 3- & 4-point editing, multicam editing or 1-click tools such as “split & trim”. A real-time audio mixer and audio cleaning tool are included for optimizing video sound.
  • Precise optimization
    Comprehensive color grading with gradation curves or fast application of lookup tables – discover optimal color matching at the level of detail you need. proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite is now included for stabilizing choppy or distorted footage – in realtime and at a high level of precision.
  • High image quality in 8K Ultra HD
    Video Pro X has always stood for technological innovation above and beyond industry standard. Discover resolutions in up to 8K UltraHD, HDR color space and latest film studio effects, and achieve professional results. The powerful video engine means that video editing is absolutely smooth, even for complex multi-track projects.
  • INFUSION Engine 2
    Exclusive to Video Pro X: Seamless editing of video projects in up to 8K*. This is made possible by wide-ranging support for Intel, AMD and NVIDIA graphics card for decoding AVC and HEVC material.
  • HiDPI editing interface
    Exclusive to Video Pro X: The high-resolution interface guarantees optimal contrast and readability, even on 4k monitors. The new icon design is state of the art and allows for a faster, more streamlined workflow.
  • Real-time video stabilization
    Exclusive to Video Pro X: Fix distorted film material directly without long analysis and rendering times. Real-time image stabilization from proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite now makes it possible.

How To Install?

  1. Install the program from the given setup.
  2. Don’t run the application yet and close from system tray or task manager if running.
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How to Crack and Install?

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MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.


  • Lots of video effects
  • Responsive editing interface
  • Multicam
  • Good titling tools
  • Trailer-like movie templates
  • Solid audio editing


  • Far slower project rendering than competitors
  • Not much help with difficult procedures
  • Lacks import and organization tools

Video Editing Interface

On first running the program, you see the Create Project window, in which you can specify resolution, frame rate, file location, and other basic settings. The company has added Social Media formats here, including square and vertical 9:16. You now only see the “Create proxy files” option if you open the movie settings dialog later; this is a good choice for speeding up editing actions.


MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Mod Apk Pro’s interface presents flat-style button icons for all the effect types, with gray borders and a near-black editing area. It’s an attractive, clean-looking interface. Unlike most video programs, Movie Edit Pro puts its video preview panel at top left, with the content and effect source panel to its right.

The source panel has tabs at top for Import, Effects, Templates, Audio, and Store. Except for Import, which shows your content folders, each of these opens colored tiles for included effects and media. There’s a search bar, but it doesn’t work with the Store tab.

As in all the competition, the multitrack timeline takes up the full window width below the other panels. The timeline defaults to a storyboard view, but buttons at its top right let you switch to standard timeline view, as well as to a thumbnail view of your clips and Multicam mode.

You can resize and even undock the panels and move them around to your taste. Clear Undo and Redo buttons sit above the timeline, with Mouse and Ripple mode choices.

The source section has tabs for Effects, Templates, Audio, and Store, as well as Import (which is really just a media source view). There’s a search bar in this panel, but it doesn’t work within Effect sections. You can’t, for example, search for the specific shape or direction you want for a wipe or blur.

There’s not a lot of guidance inside the program to get you started, though there is a website with tutorial videos. There are no in-app guided edit tutorials like those of Adobe Premiere Elements, but there is a sample video project to show off the program’s possibilities like that offered in Pinnacle Studio. Note that this and many movie templates are only available in the paid version, not in the free trial version.

Unlike Adobe Premiere Elements and Pinnacle Studio, Magix doesn’t use top-level mode buttons to switch among importing and organizing content, editing, and outputting. There are buttons at top left to switch among editing, burning disc projects, and uploading.

Noticeably missing is an Import or Organize mode. Like Apple Final Cut Pro X, Magix Movie Edit lets you include multiple movie sequences within a project. Tabs above the timeline let you switch among them, and as noted at the outset, a new menu option lets you add, remove, or merge these project movies.

Working With the Timeline

MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack doesn’t have a clear Import procedure. The Import tab in the source panel simply shows the disk folder tree. There’s no Import menu option like you’ll find in every other video editing program (and there’s no File Close menu option either).

The program doesn’t have any organization tools, such as tagging, let alone the auto-tagging you find in some products. You can, however, create a new folder in Windows that will show up under the Media entry in the Import tab, as long as you right-click it and choose Add link. An Android app called Camera MX lets you transfer from your phone over Wi-Fi.

Test video clips from my iPhone 4K video still display upside down, something I’ve run into previously with PowerDirector. You can use the rotation tool to fix this, but it would be nice not to have to.

Dragging and dropping clips around the timeline feels snappy, and it’s a cinch to move back and forth in the timeline or adjust its time scale with the mouse wheel. Hover the mouse cursor over any unfamiliar interface element, and a helpful tooltip fills you in on its function.

One minor annoyance is that you can’t filter the source panel to display just video or just photos, as you can in most competing software. Another odd thing about the timeline is that, if you play your movie, it keeps playing past any content in the tracks, so if you leave it unattended, you could find yourself far to the right of your video clips.

A small dropdown button at the track head lets you add, delete, and move tracks. If you enlarge the track head and click on it anywhere other than its buttons, you can name the track. This is useful for purposes like designating a track as your main movie, b-roll, effects, soundtrack, and so on. This capability isn’t obvious, though; many users may miss it.


The Active Destination Track lets you click on a track header to give it focus, and when you drop a clip from your source with the insert button, the clip lands in the selected track exactly at the playhead position.

This is something PowerDirector also does, but that program handles the situation better when there’s already content at the target location, asking whether you want to overwrite, insert, or replace the existing clip.

When Magix encounters a track location that already contains media, it simply adds the new material to the end of the current track. Pinnacle Studio offers even more control in this area, with its 3- and 4-point editing tools.

The storyboard view of your movie’s clips offers more than most competitors’ equivalents. Icons for text, sound volume, and transitions let you perform those actions. Frustratingly, however, I could not drag clip tiles to reposition them in the movie in storyboard view.

It’s easy to do this in timeline view, however. Moving around in and zooming the timeline seems natural using the mouse wheel. You can also easily drag and drop clips to different tracks and positions, but there’s no editing mode that lets you move a clip in front of another while moving the second clip to the right. When you move a clip it simply covers over the existing clip.

I wish the video preview pane had an in-place pause button, however, since hitting stop also takes you to the beginning of the clip.

The preview window shows the time value for the play-head position and total clip time. You can easily switch between previewing the current source clip and the movie project using arrow icons in the source thumbnails.

The keyboard arrow keys let you advance one frame at a time, though there’s no on-screen button for this. An interesting difference from most other programs is the tab bar above the timeline, which lets you have multiple movies open at once.

Easy Digital Movies

MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack templates resemble iTunes’ Trailers, but to get them you have to go to Help > Download Extra Content, which amounts to several gigabytes. Many templates cost extra, as do some other effects like title animations and background music.

To use templates, you fill placeholder thumbnails, which show descriptive diagrams of what should go in them. A panel on the right describes the desired content, such as Action, Close-Up, and Extreme Long Shot. There are 30 holes to fill in the Blockbuster template. Xs appear in the placeholder thumbnails, but you can’t delete shot spaces you don’t want.


Using this template added dramatic music timed to scene changes and added titles in my testing, but it wasn’t as well thought out shot-wise as Premiere Elements’ similar feature. Magix doesn’t let you edit the content during this building process, even to crop or rotate.

Once you move a template project to the full editor for customization, you lose the ability to see your project in the template anymore. In all, it’s not a flexible or wizard-driven enough process.

Basic Video Editing

Most trimming in MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack is done right on the timeline, with a razor icon for splitting the current track, which can be switched to Remove Start, Remove End, or Split Movie (to split all tracks at the same point).

While you’re trimming a clip in the timeline, the preview window immediately shows the effect of the edit. This is playing catch-up with other software, such as PowerDirector and Premiere Elements, which already work that way.

The Find and Close Gaps option worked as advertised in my test movie. I also like the choice, Fill Blank Space With Still Image, which merely extends the last frame of the clip. You could, of course, simply drop a photo onto the empty timeline space, but this is more automatic and effective, since it’s basically a freeze-frame.

For more precise edits, the Edit trimmer lets you fine-tune a transition between clips, and the Object Trimmer window lets you do so for the start and end of a single clip. The dialog for both these activities is fairly complex, with three panels and no fewer than 25 control buttons. I can see how it would be effective, though getting accustomed to it might take some time.

Unlike most video editing software, Magix doesn’t include a Transition tab in the source panel. Instead you have to hunt in the Templates tab to find them (the Effects tab might make more sense, which some other apps use for transitions).

Magix has happily joined the industry in calling transitions transitions instead of fades. You don’t get the vast choice of transitions you get in PowerDirector. For your 3D projects, 10 Stereo fades are on offer. As in most good video editing software these days, you can drag a clip’s corner to produce a cross dissolve transition—the most commonly used transition of all. The Edit Trimmer mentioned above offers detailed control over this type of transition.

Full-Power Video Editing

Double-clicking on a clip’s timeline entry opens the Effects panel, which offers text, lighting, color, chroma-key, distortion, speed, and lens correction (barrel and pincushion adjustment), and movement effects such as size/position and rotation. Some presets offer cool (or goofy, depending on your point of good) motion effects.

Magix offers motion-tracking like that in Corel VideoStudio Pro X9, which lets you follow and onscreen object with an image, text, or effect. (More on that below.)

Magix’s new Stabilization tool has a very sparse interface, showing only an Analyze button to start. Once you’ve run that, the button changes to read Clear Motion Data. After running the tool on my test clip, rather than smoothing my camera jerking, the result was wiggly and worse looking than the original video. The old stabilization tool was superior, offering more adjustments of the effect.

Users of the Premium edition can take advantage of the proDAD Mercalli plugin, which offers even more control and a more stable result.


Though it can boast some advanced effects and tools, MAGIX Video Pro X13 v20.0.1.159 Crack remains an also-ran video editing program in usability and performance.

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