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Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack (macOS + Windows) Free Download [Latest]


Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack AI-driven creative image editor. A creative image editor to bring your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by AI technologies of the future that simplifies complex editing routines and enables creators to bring their boldest ideas to life. And enjoy it.

Features of Luminar Neo Crack:

  • Control the light in 3D space with RelightAI

    Relight backlit photos or darkened images in a click with the RelightAI feature. Luminar Neo calculates the depth of a photo and creates a 3D map, making it possible to spread light naturally in 3D space across a 2D image. You can also relight the background and foreground separately — meaning you can darken parts of the image as well. This opens up an opportunity for creative relighting in order to bring your artistic vision to life.

  • Remove messy powerlines with AI

    Automatically remove distracting elements in your cityscapes, urban landscapes or travel photos. Get a clear sky with no cluttered phone or power lines.

  • Unleash your creativity with Layers and AI Masking

    Use both MaskAI and Layers for limitless creativity. MaskAI automates the masking process by identifying objects in the image and creating precise masks. You can always manually refine those masks with a brush if you choose to. Layers open up a whole new level of creative expression, with endless possibilities for adding objects, textures, watermarks, and any other graphics to your images.

  • Replace the sky in one click

    Cutting-edge sky replacement technology with water reflections, sky positioning, and human-aware relighting to match the new sky.

  • Lightning-fast creative editing with an all-new image engine.

    Designed as a module system its parts now can be optimized separately, for the best performance.

  • What is Luminar Neo?

    Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by AI technologies of the future that simplifies complex editing routines and enables creators to bring their boldest ideas to life. And enjoy it.- Get speed and flexibility in your editing with our brand-new core engine and layers workflow.

  • – The new engine we built for Luminar Neo is based on all the best solutions from our combined and evolved experience for maximum performance and creativity and is developed for achieving complex creative results.
  • Adjust the light in your photo for creative control over the lighting in a scene. You can control the exposure of an image based on the distance from the lens to independently adjust the background and foreground exposure.
  • Automatically remove spots on your images caused by dust and dirt on your lens and sensor.
  • Clean up unwanted power lines from the skies in your cityscapes.
  • Experiment with infinite creative possibilities by effortlessly combining two or more images in a shot.
  • And much more.

    The new technologies and innovative user experience in Luminar Neo make creative image editing simple and fun.

How To Install?

  • Install the program.
  • Wait for it to get installed fully.
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.(It’s Pre-Cracked lol)
  • That’s it, Enjoy now 😉


Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack Download The impetus for Skylum Luminar Neo was the desire for a photo app that makes extensive use of AI to improve and enhance your digital images. It retains the earlier Luminar application’s sky replacement and extensive set of filters, while adding unique depth-based relighting and power-line removal tools.

It also gets layer support with a library of textures and overlays. Other new features of Luminar Neo include performance boosting and mobile app syncing. Unique adjustment tools and filters—and the fact that you can install it as a Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in—make it a worthy addition to any photographer’s software toolkit.

How Much Does Skylum Luminar Neo Cost?

Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack Luminar is available directly from the Skylum site for $79 (often discounted), with no subscription required. Skylum is still selling the simpler Luminar AI application ($47), which is mostly about applying one-click fixes and styles to your photos but lacks some of Neo’s powerful features.

Luminar AI is available as a Store and a Mac app in the App Store; I prefer desktop apps that are available in the app stores, since they make updating and installing on multiple computers easier and are vetted for security and functionality. You can get a 30-day trial download of either from the main Skylum site menu.


  • Fast startup
  • Rich software and device ecosystem
  • Touch screen support
  • Biometric Hello login
  • Strong gaming options


  • Separate Settings app and legacy control panels
  • Few recent major updates with Windows 11 taking over

How to Crack and Install?

  1. Download Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
  6. Enjoy full version

Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

Setting up the Program

At setup (or later), you can install Luminar Neo as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, but unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t let you install plug-ins in Luminar Neo itself (for example, for Topaz noise reduction).

The program takes up about 2GB of hard drive space, similar to Lightroom’s size. When the installation is done, you sign into a Skylum account and then you’re presented with a QR code to install the companion mobile app for wirelessly transferring images.


Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack On first run, you see a very simple interface with a big Add Photos button. There’s no explicit import process in Luminar. You choose a folder and bingo, all the images it contains are added to your Luminar catalog.

Though this means you do without things like transferring image files from a card to your computer, it does get you to your pictures fast. You can start viewing and editing instantly. My card with 858 files was “imported” in a few seconds. Moving forward and backward through images in the catalog was also snappier than in most applications.

I would prefer that the Add Photos button could find attached camera media as many apps do, but it doesn’t. Instead, it’s simply a File Explorer, but it’s not that hard to find your camera media folder and start working on the pictures.

Clear, Simple Interface

The program’s compact and dark interface lets you concentrate on your picture. It’s far less busy than Capture One’s interface, though it’s not very customizable.

Below the image you can favorite it with a heart icon or reject it with the X for some quick culling, but there’s no keyword tagging or color coding. You also get a filmstrip ribbon along the bottom for a view of the collection.

For initial raw import, the Develop tool in Edit mode, gives you profile choices of Luminar Default, Adobe Standard, camera defaults, or custom profile from DCP or DNG files. I had no trouble loading raw images from newer camera models such as the Canon EOS R6, the Fujifilm X-T4, and the Nikon Z 6. The default rendering of shots from my Canon EOS 80D resulted in a fine image quality, on par with Lightroom and Capture One, as you can see above. Capture One remains the best at initial import, though, to my eyes, with more detail and less overexposure. Of course, different camera models yield different results, and you can adjust the initial import in any of these apps for a better image.

Standard Adjustments

Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack After you choose the develop profile, a goodly group of adjustments remain in the Develop panel on the right side, including Exposure, Smart Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks & Whites, Curves, Color, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, and Optics. That last group includes a manual barrel and pincushion slider, along with a checkbox for Defringe.

For some raw file types, the menu has an Auto Distortion correction and Auto Fix Chromatic Aberrations checkboxes, too. The CA correction worked in a test shot, as did the geometric distortion correction, but the latter took several seconds before its results appeared on my test PC.

You don’t get Auto settings for the standard lighting and color sliders. The Enhance tool serves in place of that, and a slider lets you increase or decrease its strength. It yielded pleasant improvements in my test shots, in a sort of HDR way often boosting contrast and saturation.

The Croptool offers an AI option that finds the subject and suggests a crop (see below). It does a decent job cutting out excessive same-texture areas that take away from the subject. The crop section also has Horizon Alignment, but I didn’t have any luck with that; it failed to level the horizon in my test shots.

Relight AI

This innovative tool in the Creative section may be reason enough to buy Luminar Neo. It lets you change the brightness selectively for the near and far part of the image, determined using 3D AI mapping. You can apply Dehalo, and near and far warmth, too. The tool is good for both portraits and landscapes. Below, the model near the camera is brightened while the background stays dark.


Luminar Neo 1.1.1 (9882) Crack AI-driven creative image editor. A creative image editor to bring your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by AI technologies of the future that simplifies complex editing routines and enables creators to bring their boldest ideas to life. And enjoy it.

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