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Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack + Activation Keys Free Download [Latest]


Is Your Digital Privacy Important to You? What you do online and on your computer should be your own business. Yet, in most cases, your personal information & web habits are being tracked constantly by 3rd parties who want to monetize your online behaviors or steal your identity. It takes Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack to stave off malicious cyber attacks all day, every day. That’s where we come in.

Features :

  • Keeping You and Your Family Safe

In our increasingly digital world, anyone is an easy target for a cyber attack. We put so much of our personal information online today, making it harder to guard against malicious hacking attempts.
Our comprehensive software keeps you and your family safe at all times when using your devices or surfing the web. Cyber Privacy Suite fends off harmful privacy threats and proactively identifies where your information is vulnerable or exposed.

  • Enjoy Online Privacy Again

We protect your webcams, microphones, and essential documents from prying eyes and prevent your most valuable information from getting into the wrong hands. With Cyber Security Suite, you can enjoy the freedom of online privacy again.

  • Prevents Others From Fingerprinting Your Identity

Cyber Privacy Suite keeps your web habits and personal information safe from data miners and hackers by scrambling fingerprinting attempts.

  • Encrypts Login Credentials

Your login credentials for websites you choose are being encrypted, keeping your information safe from criminals in a secure digital vault.

  • Identifies What Personal Information Is Exposed

Cyber Privacy Suite proactively identifies what personal information is exposed so that you can address issues immediately.

  • Defends Wencams And Microphones From Hacking Attempts

With the Cyber Privacy Suite, block malicious hacking attempts against your webcams and microphones. Maintain and enjoy the privacy of your home life again.

  • Guards Against Dangerous Websites

Cyber Privacy Suite protects you from harmful websites that would otherwise infect your computer with malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans, and more.

  • Secures Your Connections Through VPN Gateways

Surf, shop, stream, and socialize on your own terms with a fully secured VPN connection whenever you need it. The Cyber Privacy Suite offers more than 20 connection choices worldwide.

  • Blocks Unwanted Tracking Cookies

Cyber Privacy Suite includes a set-and-forget setting that allows you to automatically block suspicious or potentially malicious cookies.

  • Thwarts Annoying Ads

The Cyber Privacy Suite comes with an Ad Blocking feature that can fight off static and dynamic ads to provide you with a smoother and faster browsing experience.

  • Detects Sensitive Documents On Your Device

Cyber Privacy Suite helps you find and secure locally stored documents on your devices that may contain sensitive information, such as social security and bank account numbers.

  • Protects Financial And Medical Documents

An advanced file-encryption capability allows you to gather and mask your critical financial and medical documents in one secure location so that they are fully protected.

  • Safeguards Your Privacy In Real-time

Cyber Privacy Suite safeguards your digital privacy 24/7. Our software blocks online phishing attempts and other privacy risking actions as they occur .

  • Scans The Dark Web For Your Information

The dark web is scary. Our experts developed a scanning algorithm that searches for traces of your information that may be exposed in the dark web after known data breaches.

How To Install?

  • Install the program from the given setup.
  • Don’t run the application yet and close from system tray or task manager if running.
  • Extract the “Crack” to directory where you’ve installed the program. Replace all the files.
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.
  • That’s it, Enjoy now 😉


Document Encryption

We keep a small collection of documents on our test systems as “bait” for use when testing ransomware. However, these apparently weren’t the right kind of files for the privacy scan’s document protection.

Our company contact explained that this scan “will find bank statements of the major banks, documents with credit card numbers, documents with SSN in them, documents with the passwords we detect in the previous scan, and health and insurance documents.” We dug up some old personal documents of these types, copied them to the test system, and tried again.


  • Privacy scan finds passwords and personal data in browsers, as well as documents containing sensitive data.
  • Protection against malicious URLs.
  • Simple VPN.
  • Active Do Not Track.


  • Malicious URL protection ineffective in testing.
  • Many functions can be handled manually.
  • VPN lacks breadth of server coverage.
  • Expensive.

How to Crack and install?

  • Download Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack
  • Now install it on your program.
  • After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  • Then paste it in an installation directory
  • Done
  • Enjoy full version

Activation Key

  • Cyber ​​​​​​Privacy Suite License Key

Serial Key


Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack System Requirements:

  • The USB over Network supports the 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8/8.1, and Windows-10.
  • USB over Network ( also supports the server versions of Windows, including 2008, 2008 (R2), 2012, 2012 (R2), 2016, and 2019.
  • USB over Network ( requires a TCP/IP LAN or internet connection
  • The asks for administrative privileges during software installation.

This time around, Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack detected about half of those documents, and we had no trouble moving them to the encrypted vault. Looking at the documents apparently missed by the scan, we realized that although they’re nominally PDF files, they consist of images, not text. Checking with our company contact, we learned that while the original files don’t wind up in the Recycle Bin, then also don’t get overwritten before deletion, leaving them potentially open to forensic recovery.

Encrypted Vault

We’re very familiar with the concept of storing important files in an encrypted vault. Typically, the vault looks just like any folder when open, but closes tight when locked. You can move files in and out, and even edit files that are in the vault. With Cyber Privacy Suite, things are a little different.

While you can open, edit, and save files in the vault, it doesn’t act like a regular folder. Rather, it’s a page within the application. A toolbar includes buttons for tasks such as encryption files, adding folders to the vault, and exporting or importing protected files. It’s not quite as seamless as the typical implementation of an encrypted vault, but it does the job.

Tracker and Ad Blocking

Seeing this product’s ad blocking feature at work was a snap. We just opened the same ad-riddled page in the test system and in a system without any ad blocking. The blocker suppressed popup and interstitial ads, and we could see the gaps where it blocked ads embedded in the page content.

All major browsers include the ability to send a Do Not Track request to every website you visit. And all websites are free to ignore this request; it’s toothless. Like Abine Blur, Ghostery Midnight, and several popular security suites, Cyber Privacy Suite includes an active Do Not Track component. It doesn’t ask trackers to lay off; it puts the kibosh on the entire tracking process.


When you visit a website that includes ad trackers, analytics, or other types of trackers, you’ll see a number on the browser extension’s toolbar button reflecting how many trackers it found. By default, it blocks them all, with no effort on your part. You can click the icon for a little more detail about the most prevalent trackers, but you don’t get the full, detailed list that many similar products offer. And alos you can turn tracker blocking off for the current site, but you can’t fine-tune just which trackers are permitted. You can also turn off ad blocking on a per-site basis.

Not All Browsers Are Created Equal

Depending on the browser you use, you may or may not get all the browser-related features described above. Erasing browser tracks works for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox, as does erasing tracking records. Fingerprint scrambling works for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Extracting and encrypting login credentials just works for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Blocking ads and trackers requires an extension that’s available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. And the option to find and delete personal information from stored web form data is just for Chrome and Firefox.

If you’re keeping score, you see that only Chrome and Firefox get all the browser-related privacy features. Those using Edge or Internet Explorer only get a subset. And of course if you’re a fan of Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, or other alternative browsers you’ll have to find another way to protect your privacy.

Protect Your Privacy

If you visit a site that installs spyware using a drive-by download, your privacy is clearly at risk. To keep you safe, this suite includes a browsing protection component that works in any browser. We verified that fact using a hand-coded browser. Our company contact confirmed that this component “blocks you from accessing sites with malware, including spyware and ransomware [and] also blocks any communication between existing malware on your device and outside servers.”

We’re well-equipped to test detection of malware-hosting websites, because we run that test for just about every antivirus review. The test starts with a feed of malicious URLs recently detected by researchers at London-based MRG-Effitas. We simply launch each URL and note what the product does. A full-scale antivirus gets equal credit for blocking access to the URL or for nuking the malware payload. For this product, the only possibilities are diverting from the URL or failing and allowing a malware download.


Alas, Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack fared very poorly in this test, even after we combed through the malware downloads and discarded any that didn’t get at least 10 hits on the VirusTotal website. It detected just 12 percent of the malware-hosting sites. Using a combination of URL-blocking and real-time malware protection, Sophos Home Premium, McAfee Total Protection, and Vipre Advanced Security all detected 100 percent in this test.

But wait, you may say, that isn’t a fair comparison. This privacy suite doesn’t have an antivirus component. So, let’s just look at blocking access to malware-hosting URLs. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security blocked 96 percent of samples at the URL level, and Vipre got 95 percent. It’s clear that Cyber Privacy Suite’s browser protection has a long way to go.


In conclusion, Cyber Privacy Suite v3.8.1.0 Crack thoroughly monitors personal web setups and saves the data from hackers, malware, spyware, bugs, ransomware, Trojans, and others.

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