Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack

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Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack + Fix Free Download [2022]


The film and television industry’s busiest editors and artists choose Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack . The powerful, timesaving plugins streamline post workflows with seventeen creative effect, titling, and quick fix plug-in categories. Includes over 250 effects and 4000+ presets. One collection that fits every project need.

Features :

    Corner pinning and compositing inserts just got a lot easier. Corner Pin Studio’s next-gen workflow makes replacing screens/billboards/devices a cinch with a single Mocha planar tracker that targets the surface and four offset pins to accurately position the source shot onto the target. Includes post-processing options for foreground color correction, edge chokes, drop shadow, light wrap, and 27 unique blend modes.
    Need to add a reflection to an element or titles? The Reflection effect instantly generates a planar reflection using a filtered source image. Reflections can be easily tweaked with options for blurring, shimmering, scaling, repositioning, and independent animation. Includes a built-in animatable 3D camera system to fill the gap if your host application doesn’t offer native cameras. After Effects artists have the option to use AE’s native cameras.
    Throw a shadow onto your shot! The Cast Shadow effect generates true 3D shadows using an integrated point or parallel light source positioned in 3D space. Includes options to control the intensity, color, and length of a shadow blur, plus a ripple feature if you’re casting a shadow over water. Use the built-in animatable 3D camera system to reposition the source as needed. After Effects artists have the option to use AE’s native cameras and lights.
    Curl is a warp effect that’s perfect for creating heat haze, underwater distortions, and smoky effects. Users can easily tweak the number, speed, and angle of curls. Includes the integrated Beat Reactor to make your effect bounce to music.
    Continuum 2020 features 6 brand new drag and drop transitions for editors looking to spice up their sequences.
    – Curl Dissolve – Based on the new Curl effect, the Curl Dissolve transition adds a psychedelic look to projects. Simply drag-and-drop the dissolve in between clips, use one of the included presets, or customize.
    – Colorize Glow Dissolve – The Colorize Glow Dissolve transition pumps up projects with a slick stylized dose of color between shots. Easily control the color glow with the included gradient generator.
    – RGB Displacement Dissolve – The RBG Displacement Dissolve transition separates color channels then adds warp displacements. Perfect for music videos or highly-stylized looks.
    – RGB Blur Dissolve – The RGB Blur Dissolve transition gives editors even more options to play with the RBG color channels between two clips. Includes a master level blur control, separate horizontal and vertical scale controls, or individual blur level by color channel.
    – Kaleidoscope Dissolve – Remember how much fun you had using a kaleidoscope as a kid? You can now apply those geometric designs between clips! The Kaleidoscope Dissolve transition includes two independent tile controls that come with their own set of presets as well as an undistort option.
    – Prism Dissolve – The Prism Dissolve transition adds a subtle chromatic aberration with prismatic color separation that dissolves between clips.

How To Install?

  • Install the program from the given setup.
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  • Clean up existing .lic if there is any from another release!
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.
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How to Crack and Install?

  1. Download Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack
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  7. More:

Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

fThis Boris FX Continuum 11 Software Review by Chris Monlux originally appeared on

Advance Features

Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack is packed full of new features and plug-ins. It’s a great value, depending on what editor you use.

Boris FX Continuum 11 is jam packed full of useful and innovative plug-ins. This update sees improvements to existing plug-ins along with some strong additions. Depending on the editor you use, the Continuum suite can be as little as 700 bucks or as much as 2,000 for a new license or between 200 and 700 for an annual subscription.

How To Activate

For Final Cut and OFX users, a new license for Continuum 11 is 700 bucks. If you are an Adobe user it steps up to 1,000 dollars and Avid users get the big hit of 1,700 dollars. The most costly option is the multi-host version supported by Avid, Adobe, Apple and OFX for a whopping two grand for a new license or 700 dollars for an annual subscription.

Boris offers a free trial of all of their products, so you can download them to try them out and see if you like what they do.

What’s New in 11

If you haven’t heard of Primatte Studio before, you’re missing out. It is one of the strongest keyers out there. Because Boris has integrated Mocha into just about everything they offer, Mocha is now part of Primatte Studio. With that integration, Primatte creates a 3D model for masking, so you can isolate colors and objects for deeper manipulation for the strongest key.

If you light well and shoot with the highest bit depth you’re capable of having, you can use Primate Studio to get a great key in one click. Now, for the rest of us who don’t always have the perfect tools for the job, Primatte Studio gives you a myriad of features to dial in a great key from less than perfect footage. It has automatic green or blue screen analysis, so you can start off ahead.

on-screen toolbar

We like the on-screen toolbar, which gives you refinement tools and views for comparison. With compare mode, Primatte allows you to see the original source and the keyed version for analysis of what the key is doing to the original. Being able to see before and after side by side is helpful for identifying what negative side-effects the key is having on the image. There are even controls for temperature, tint, saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma without even leaving the plug-in.

Create 360 video

If you’re creating 360 video, you have probably already run into a problem with other plug-ins: they either don’t work at all, or they don’t work properly. With the VR Unit, you get a suite of 360 video tools. The VR Unit supports 180 and 360 video, plus mono, or stereoscopic viewing. VR Reorient gives you the ability to change the starting view of your video and adds the ability to preview without a VR headset. The VR Insert will allow you to insert a graphic or element into 360 space.

VR Blur offers 360 aware blur and doesn’t create a seam. When working with consumer 360 cameras, they sometimes can offer a less than sharp image, but with VR Sharpen you can quickly add sharpening to 360 video. Last but not least is VR Flicker Fixer. This removes flicker from video when there are issues with the lighting in your image.


Secure Broadcast 

Aside from VR tools, another new addition in Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack is Broadcast Safe. It’s a fairly simple plug-in. You apply it, choose the standard you need keep within and it’s fixed. It is able to conform your video to broadcast standards like EBU 103, PAL and NTSC. It does this by controlling the knee and clip across all color ranges.

The last thing new to Continuum 11 are the updates to Title Studio. Updated with a 3D rendering engine for 3D shadows and depth-of-field, you can now use Title Studio to create a spline-based motion path for animating multiple objects on one path. Title Studio can make 2D or 3D titles with bevels, fills and styles.

But Wait There’s More…

Throughout all of the suite, Boris includes Mocha tracking and masking. Each plug-in uses it in a unique way to either give better control or better analytics for the application of said plug-in. Additionally, Mocha can export the tracking data it makes from analyzing the footage to be used by another program or for another purpose.

There are also 40 different drag and drop transition animations included in Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack. Transitions like Swish Pan, Flutter Cut, Fast Film Glow, Light Leaks, Lens Blur or Damaged TV, all with controllable parameters to customize each to meet your needs.

Particles Unit

Particles Unit is a particle generator capable of generating 3D particles and custom emitters. Say you have a scene that needs rain, but was filmed on a dry day, Particles Unit can easily place rain, snow or even dust in to your image. Going even further, particles are great for motion graphics and VFX work. Say you need to add a comet plummeting down to earth, revealing a title: Particles Unit can create that particle system to be placed in 3D space.

Say you need to add a comet plummeting down to earth, revealing a title: Particles Unit can create that particle system to be placed in 3D space.

The last notable plug-in included in Continuum 11 is FX Browser. With FX Browser, you can preview a shot with a look filter applied before actually applying it. There are so many different filter options, so the ability to preview the look before you commit to it is a big bonus. FX browser can be applied like any other plug-in, and then expanded to the full browser.


There are loads of plug-in suites out there, and when looking into the marketplace, it’s apparent that each has at least one direct competitor, if not many. Because each suite tries to offer something unique, we’re going to break the suite down to the stand-out plug-ins and compare them, apples to apples, to each other.

Starting off with Primatte Studio, Boris isn’t the only Primatte out there. In fact, Boris FX licenses Primatte from Photron. More interesting is that Photron’s offering isn’t what we are going to compare it to. Red Giant also licenses Primatte from Photron for Red Giant Primatte Keyer 5.1.

Budget Friendly

If you bought Primatte Studio outside of Continuum 11 in the Continuum Key & Blend Unit, it would cost you 400 dollars, whereas Red Giant Primatte Keyer 5.1 by itself costs 500 dollars. Both offer the same strong Primatte Keyer; however, their interface is different. Primatte Keyer 5.1 has a more intuitive interface. Although Red Giant might be easier to use, it’s unlikely it would actually perform better than the Boris FX version, especially since the Boris FX Primatte Keyer includes Mocha integration, giving you another level of control over your key.

Next, let’s look at Particle generators. Boris FX Particles can be bought outside of the Continuum suite with in the Continuum Unit for 300 bucks. The direct competition to it is Red Giant Trapcode Particular 3, which can be purchased for 400 dollars. There isn’t much of a difference between the two products, so it might be wise to pay 100 less for it and go for the Boris FX offering.


Boris FX Continuum Complete 2022.5 v15.5.0.2166 Crack has given loads of value to Continuum 11 — that is, if you are a Final Cut or OFX user. Adobe users pay a bit more, but if you’re a Media Composer user, 1,700 dollars may be hard to swallow — though it’s likely you are already used to the added cost of plug-ins. The Continuum 11 suite is full of useful plug-ins and the integration of Mocha is fantastic. If you are in the market for a plug-in suite, Continuum would be a good choice.

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