Whether you’re buying a pair of shoes with foreign sizing or trying to work out the difference between an imperial and metric ton, unit conversion tools can be a huge help. No need to tax your gray matter with complicated arithmetic—just type in a quantity, select the units you’re interested in, and the app spits out an answer.These six unit conversion apps for Android make it a breeze to calculate everything from height and weight to frequency wavelengths and radioactive decay.

1. Unit Converter Pro

Unit Converter App Despite its name, Unit Converter Pro isn’t the premium version of a free app. In fact, it’s a completely free app without ads or in-app purchases.

Unit Converter Pro enables you to convert various different units, including depth, currency, data, and so on. By default, it displays the most common units, but if you tap the Show More button at the top, it will also show more specialist ones, such as capacitance, frequency wavelength, and HVAC efficiency.

The units are all ordered alphabetically, so it’s relatively simple to find what you’re looking for. That can mean quite a lot of scrolling, though, so you may want to use the search function. Note, however, it doesn’t accept European spellings such as “centimetre”. You can also edit the units in this list, to change their order or toggle their visibility.

If you can’t find the unit you’re looking for, you can add your own custom units in the settings.

Download: Unit Converter Pro (Free)

2. Unit Converter

Unit Converter Apk Sometimes, less is more, and that could well be the case with Unit Converter. Rather than presenting a long list of units for you to pick from, it displays just a few at a time, which you can edit to your liking.

Units are grouped into four broad categories: Basic, Living, Science, and Misc. These are presented as tabs, under which are four unit types. Apart from the Basic tab, you can change what’s displayed under a tab by tapping Favorites at the top.

You’re still limited to four unit types, but there’s an extensive list to choose from—not as many as some other apps but enough for everyday use.

Unit Converter isn’t the most advanced unit conversion app, but it’s easy to navigate and good for anyone who converts the same things a lot. We also like that you can remove ads for six hours by watching one video ad.

There is an ad-free premium version too, but it’s worth noting that for just a little more, you can buy Smart Tools from the same developer. This includes the same unit converter, as well as other tools, such as a compass and a sound analyzer.

Download: Unit Converter (Free) | Unit Converter Pro ($2.50)


  • Fast startup
  • Rich software and device ecosystem
  • Touch screen support
  • Biometric Hello login
  • Strong gaming options


  • Separate Settings app and legacy control panels
  • Few recent major updates with Windows 11 taking over

How to Mod and Install?

  1. Download Unit Converter v2.2.30 Mod Apk
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the modded file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
  6. Enjoy full version

Unit Converter v2.2.30 Mod Apk Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

3. Electricity Converter

Created by the Toastguyz development community, Electricity Converter aims to do one thing and do it well: it’s focused simply on converting electrical units. They range from basics like current and charge to more specialist units like linear current density, electric potential, and electrostatic capacitance.

There are only 15 unit types to choose from, but they’re laid out clearly in a straightforward tile format. Just tap one, and it will take you to a separate screen, where you enter quantities and units.

Electricity Converter also provides brief explanations of what each unit type is. That, combined with the narrow focus of the app, suggests it would be ideal for trainee electricians and students.


Unit Converter v2.2.30 Mod Apk This is the only Unit Converter App in Google play store that has such a wide range of Unit conversion features with very simple and easy to use interface.
Despite of having more than 100 features and wide range of categories, unit converter takes up just less than 4 MB storage in your device.

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