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ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack + Activation Keys Free Download [Latest]


ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack is a powerful software suite especially tailored for business managers of all types, but also designed to be comprehensive for whatever business task you are working on. It includes three software products integrated by the unique data exchange technology. The suite combines business diagramming, mind mapping and project management software. ConceptDraw OFFICE v7 is essential to provide brainstorming sessions, create diagrams, schematics, mind maps, project plans, dashboards, presentations, and many other business visualizations.

Features :

Comprehensive Management Software Suite

ConceptDraw OFFICE v7 contains three well-integrated products that assist in any business workflow task. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v14 is a powerful diagramming tool. The ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 is an excellent tool for planning, brainstorming, and building processes. ConceptDraw PROJECT v11 excels at planning multiple projects. All these products help the communication process of project status, situational conditions, and visual of data.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v14

Professional business data visualization tool equipped with an extensive set of diagramming features. A great deal of vector drawing tools, pre-designed styles, and formats makes it easy to create any custom diagram.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12

Robust tool for brainstorming, planning and organizing. MINDMAP v12 has all the features that you’d expect from a brainstorming and mind mapping tool. A number of different types of pre-designed layouts, great graphics, sets of symbols and topic types as well as the options of topic manual formatting, adding multiple hyperlinks and attaching files.

ConceptDraw PROJECT v11

Provides a classic approach to managing single or multiple projects by identifying all the key elements involved in a project: schedules, resources and finances. It enables to monitor project progress in an effective but simple way. Software designed to help project managers plan multiple projects with common resources, analyze the workload of resources, monitor the status of the project, budget, and cost-effectiveness.

How To Install?

  • Install the program from the given setup.
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ConceptDraw Office v15.1.0.404

ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack Anyone who has been responsible for organizing and managing a business project can tell you, project management can be a beast. That’s why good software that allows you to track deadlines, milestone and expenses associated with the project can alleviate a lot of project management pain points.

ConceptDraw Office 2.0 ($500 for a single license, direct) includes three applications designed to give you a soup-to-nuts project management experience as well as the new Solution Browser application, which allows users to download all software and add-ons from ConceptDraw’s website. It’s an impressive project management solution from Ukraine-based CS Odessa.

ConceptDraw Office 2 consists of three applications: ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7, for used primarily for mind mapping—this is the process of vizualing ideas as an aid to project planning. MINDMAP is also ideal for brainstorming, research, process definition and plain old note taking.

ConceptDraw OFFICE Crack

These solutions can be used for relatively simple business projects or very advanced ones. With ConceptDRAW, users have at their fingertips a wealth of tools to create sophisticated projects and customized visual project aids, such as flowcharts, Venn diagrams, sketches, computer network layouts and much more. Those used to working with Microsoft Project or Visio should have few issues with ConceptDraw Office’s UI.

The same can be said for those used to working with cloud-based project management offerings Zoho Projects or Editors’Choice winning Basecamp. At a price of $500 for a single license of ConceptDraw Office 2, you get a lot more capabilities than are available in lot of other PM solutions for the SMB. Big plus for ConceptDraw—it runs on both Mac and Windows.

One disadvantage is that ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack doesn’t offer any inherent collaboration abilities, such as real-time updating and document sharing, whiteboards, or messaging. However, the vendor does offer a free mind mapping gadget for team collobration over SAP StreamWork called ConceptDraw MindWave.

Still, this is an excellent product, and project management software doesn’t get any more professional than this. Case in point: ConceptDraw Office applications also integrate nicely with Microsoft Office. I was able to open documents created with ConceptDraw in Word or export them as PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft’s Ribbon interface

The interface mimics Microsoft’s Ribbon interface, so working within the application is a familiar experience. Since many of the documents you can create can get saved in so many different file formats, it’s easy to work with your ConceptDraw content in other applications. You can import and export Visio files and according to CS Odessa, support for Microsoft Project will be available as a no charge add-in late March.

I can also foresee project management and diagram novices (like me!) getting a bit overwhelmed with all the seemingly endless buttons, menus and features. There aren’t any user-friendly wizards that walk you through workflow, but because of the Windows-like environment, it isn’t hard to get accustomed pretty quickly.

Setup is simple and done by downloading the Solution Browser from the company’s website. Once installed, I was able to download the three Office 2 applications as well as slew of add-ons and extras to extend the functionality of the apps. CS Odessa makes quite a lot of extra tools available for free.

ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack MINDMAP

Mindmap is a great way to represent ideas and is a good way to pre-plan a project. With just a click, it’s easy to create topics and sub-topics. There are pre-formatted layouts so you can get quite fancy with your mapping. There is also a nice brainstorming feature that can be used to digitally orchestrate a think-tank session in a specified amount of time. It’s also possible to save a MINDMAP as a presentation for PowerPoint and you can also open in Word. You can choose to save a map as a .ppt file.

ConceptDraw PRO Free Download 

ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack is used to richly put data into graphical formats such as diagrams, charts, concept maps and more. Users can start building a diagram from scratch or choose from a variety of templates. There’s a lot to choose from upon opening PRO. The “Libraries” section has a ton of objects to add to your projects: icons of parallelograms, Gantt chart objects, and yes, even icons of farm animals…just about any symbol or graphic you would want to add to a business document or diagram. The right side of the window has several tools to customize layouts, shapes and more.


  • Fast startup
  • Rich software and device ecosystem
  • Touch screen support
  • Biometric Hello login
  • Strong gaming options


  • Separate Settings app and legacy control panels
  • Few recent major updates with Windows 11 taking over

How to Crack and Install?

  1. Download ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack
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License Key


Activation Key


Serial Key


ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

ConceptDraw PROJECT

The ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack is the heart of the Office 2 suite. The easiest way to get started creating a project is to use a Gantt chart–or a bar chart illustrating a project schedule. It’s simple to add tasks and sub-tasks for a project—as well as assign deadlines. Users can also add resources; which are items representing work or materials costs.

I created quite professional projects in minutes. I like that you can assign budget information as you add tasks and resources. You can also opt to not have PROJECT open up in Gantt view, but in Project Portfolio view. I found the default Gantt view more detailed and able to display more information at once. Of course, as with most PM software, users can also mark milestones.


ConceptDraw OFFICE v15.1.0.404 Crack is a powerful software suite especially tailored for business managers of all types, but also designed to be comprehensive for whatever business task you are working on. It includes three software products integrated by the unique data exchange technology.

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