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Yandex Navigator Mod Apk v6.80 Premium Unlocked Free Download


Yandex Navigator v6.80 Mod Apk Yandex.Navigator helps drivers plot the optimal route to their destination. The app takes traffic jams, accidents, road works, and other road events into account when plotting your route. Yandex.Navigator will present you with up to three variants of your journey, starting with the fastest. If your selected journey takes you over toll roads, the app will warn you about this in advance.

Yandex. Navigator uses voice prompts to guide you along your way, and displays your route on your device’s screen. Additionally, you can always see how many minutes and kilometers you have to go.

Main Features of Yandex Navigator Mod Apk :-

  • You can use your voice to interact with Yandex.Navigator so that you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel. Just say “Hey, Yandex” and the app will start listening for your commands. For example, “Hey, Yandex, let’s go to 1 Lesnaya Street” or “Hey, Yandex, take me to Domodedovo Airport”.
  • You can also let Navigator know about road events you encounter (such as “Hey, Yandex, there is an accident in the right lane”) or search for locations on the map (by simply saying “Hey, Yandex, Red Square”).
  • Save time by choosing recent destinations from your history. Look through your recent destinations and favorites from any of your devices—they are saved in the cloud and available when and where you need them.
  • Yandex Navigator will guide you to your destinations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey.

Mod Info :-

  • Languages: en, ru, uk
  • Architecture: armeabi-v7a +, x86
  • The manifest has been optimized: it takes less memory, does not always hang in active, extra services are disabled
  • Graphics cleaned and deeply optimized.
  • The collection of statistics and analytics is disabled, thoroughly
  • Hidden advertisements, suspended advertising services
  • Modification is untied from Google Services
  • Root rights detection blocked
  • Signature changed

Screenshot1Screenshot2Yandex.Navigator ScreenshotYandex.Navigator Screenshot

Yandex.Navigator ScreenshotYandex.Navigator ScreenshotYandex.Navigator ScreenshotYandex.Navigator Screenshot

What Is Yandex Navigator Mod Apk ?

Yandex Navigator is a navigator application developed by the Russian company Yandex. The navigator has three core features: map, traffic, and routing.

The basic navigation functionality works in two modes- “offline mode” that does not require an internet connection to function and “online mode” that makes use of real-time data provided by Yandex servers.

Introduction to Yandex Navigator Mod Apk 

Trying to find a good navigation app for Russia or the Ukraine can be quite the task. If you want a physical map, they are usually in Russian, and end up being useless for people like me who don’t speak the language.

Luckily Yandex LLC has releases Yandex Navigator, a full-on, free navigation app for Russia and Ukraine, now available in the App Store.  This app will calculate the fastest or the shortest route for you, and gives you turn-by-turn directions while you drive through these beautiful countries.

The app also takes in account closures, traffic conditions, and many other issues that might make your journey come to a halt.

Continue reading our Yandex Navigator app review for more details. It might just be one of the best navigation apps for iPhone users traveling through Russia and the Ukraine.

Russian Maps And Russian Speech

While the app itself is in English, by which I mean the menus and options, the rest of the app is in Russian, which are the street names, any other information within the app, and most importantly the voice.

You have a choice of two different Russian voices: Dima (the male voice) and Oksana (the female voice). It’s annoying to find that these voices are only in Russian, as in the App Store they really make you believe the app is designed for English speakers.

You can also use voice commands in the app, but again this only works when you speak in Russian, which is pretty useless. I think it’s a big mistake from the developer to not design this app in actual Russian, and not bother with the English version, as the only things translated are the menu and options.

Maps And Options

The app is actually really good. You can make maps available offline, use 3D mode, get road alerts, and use auto zoom. The map can switch between day and night mode automatically or you can set this manually.

You can set favorite destinations as easy as a simple tap, and if you need a particular shop or amenity, simply use the search function that comes with tons of presets where you can find all kinds of businesses, ranging from drug stores to dentists, and from ATMs to saunas.

These show up on the map instantly with icons, so the only thing you will need to do is find a parking spot!


Pros of Yandex Navigator Mod Apk :

  • Free offline navigation system
  • Detailed maps
  • Tons of options
  • Full database of businesses

Cons of Yandex Navigator Mod Apk :

  • It’s all in Russian
  • Difficult to set a route

Yandex.Navigator Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

How to Mod and install Yandex Navigator Apk ?

  • Download Yandex Navigator Mod Apk 
  • Now install it on your program.
  • After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  • Then paste it in an installation directory
  • Done
  • Enjoy full version


Yandex Navigator v6.80 Mod Apk Yandex.Navigator helps drivers plot the optimal route to their destination. The app takes traffic jams, accidents, road works, and other road events into account when plotting your route. This app would be an instant recommendation for any expat or traveler going to Ukraine and/or Russia. Regrettably, as most of the app is in Russian, I can’t really recommend it if you don’t speak at least basic Russian.

If you do, this app is a must-have, as it’s a free, detailed navigational system for use in any possible way. It has tons of options and a huge directory of businesses, so you will always get what you need. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and requires just over 15 Mb.

Download (88 MB):

arm7 – Download | Mirror

x86 – Download | MirrorQ

Torrent Download (Please Seed):

Yandex Navigator v6.80 Premium Mod Apk | Magnet

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