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Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack + Fix Free Download [Latest]


Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack add-in: smart tools for PowerPoint, Excel and Word – Templates, Icons, Charts, Maps, Diagrams and more! This Software provides you with a deep library of templates, icons, charts, maps, and diagrams for your spreadsheets and presentations. With Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel, you’ll draw the attention of your audience with stunning graphics that are sure to impress. Create stunning documents to impress clients and managers with your skills on PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

Features :

    Don’t reinvent the wheel for every slide or document. Access hundreds of professionally designed templates from the Power-user add-in’s library, and insert them in 1 click. Templates will automatically adjust to your own color scheme. You can also save your own slides or documents in the templates library to keep them accessible anytime. Or you can create shared libraries for all users in your organization.
    Power-user comes with a collection of 3,000 icons and all country flags to illustrate your slides. Icons are vector shapes so you can resize them without deformation and recolor them as you with. With Power-user you can search icons by categories and with different keywords associated to the same icon to let you find the right icon in just 2 seconds.
    Our 200+ data maps are powerful tools to illustrate ideas with a geographical dimension. Those maps are fully editable, and can be colored automatically based on your Excel data. Within minutes, you can create beautiful maps that will immediately convince your audience.
    Waterfall charts are very popular in finance and consulting. They are great to break down your data into multiple components, illustrating for instance what postively or negatively impacts a KPI.
    Create Mekko charts in PowerPoint, Excel or Word with Power-user. Mekko are one of the most powerful chart types. It can represents 3 dimensions of data, and is popular in consulting to show market positions of different companies for instance.
    Instantly insert breathtaking Sankey charts in PowerPoint, Excel or Word with the Power-user add-in. Sankey are very effective to illustrate flows such as transactions, exportations, migrations etc. Sankey Charts can be edited dynamically through a simple and intuitive interface.
    Sometimes a good picture tells more than a thousand words. Power-user allows you to browse over 100,000+ pictures and insert them with 1 click. it’s ideal to illustrate concepts or trigger a discussion, without worrying about intellectual property rights. Pictures are inserted in PowerPoint with a size already optimized for your slides.
    Embed customized diagrams in no time with Power-user. Diagrams are a powerful tool to illustrate complex ideas and build eloquent slides or dashboards in little time. Diagrams include value chains, gauges, traffic lights, relationships, pyramids, arrows and more.
    Use Gantt charts to illustrate the different phases of a project and their progress. Creating this manually can take hours. With the add-in, you can create them in a few seconds only. It’s a great tool to improve the design of a slide in very little time.
    – Sticky notes, a helpful solution to add comments to your slides and share them with your teamworkers
    – Stamps, a solution to instantly mark or un-mark all your slides as “Draft” or “Confidential”
    – Mini-slides, to refer to a slide from earlier in the presentation,
    – Slide summaries, listing the titles of all selected slides,
    – Progress tools, to show the audience how far in the presentation you are.

How To Install?

  • Install the program from the given setup.
  • Don’t run the application yet and close from system tray or task manager if running.
  • Extract the “Crack Fix.zip” to C:Users%username%AppDataLocalPower-user. Replace all the files.
  • Boom! Now you can use the program without any interruptions.
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How to Crack and Install?

  1. Download Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
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Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that provides you with visual elements and tools to help you make better and more impactful business documents. At BrightCarbon, we spend most of our work time (and admittedly, some of our free time) creating, editing, and generally playing around in PowerPoint, so we wanted to know whether this add-in really can transform our workflow.

Power-user is compatible with all versions of Office from 2007 onwards on PC as well as Virtual Machines.


Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack has three pricing options: free, premium, and premium (10+ users):

Free: Limited number of templates, icons, maps, and diagrams, over a million HD pictures.

Premium: $8.75/month free for academics; 500 PowerPoint templates, 6,000 vector icons and flags, over a million HD pictures, 250 editable maps, Agenda builder, Clean, Advanced charts, 10 tools to automate formatting, 10 tools to manipulate shapes.

Premium (10+ users): $9-15/month; all features in Premium plus Shared libraries, Tombstones, Admin portal for license management and brand compliance.

You can find the full pricing plans here.

Power-user review


This is the Power-user tab in PowerPoint. Power-user includes features for Microsoft Word and Excel, but its PowerPoint capabilities are the focus of this post. I checked out the Premium subscription.


Pre-built slides can help you quickly whip up consistent decks, using similar layouts again and again. Power-user pride themselves on providing users with a huge range of templates. These can be accessed through a searchable side bar by clicking Library in the Power-user tab.


There are so many template slides that it’s a bit overwhelming! Rather than endlessly scrolling through the hundreds of options, I recommend using the filter function to search the templates by slide type e.g. tables, diagrams etc. Though you can’t filter by recently used, you can save your favourite templates to My templates by inserting the template into your deck, right clicking, and selecting Save in library. You can save any slide to the library (not just premade Power-user slides), so if you create a design you love, you can save it to the Power-user library and access it whenever you need to. Power-user can also work with organisations to provide a library of company slides for employees.

If you’re not confident creating your own slide layouts, some of the simple, clean layouts provided by Power-user, like this one below, are a good start. It uses simple shapes with a clear hierarchy and is easy to edit – read more about slide hierarchy. Just be wary of adding too much text to a slide. What happens when audiences see text-heavy slides? They don’t read them, or worse – they read the slides and don’t pay attention to you! If you’re not sure how to create more visual slides, check out this post.

Unfortunately, when you add these premade slides to your deck, they don’t consistently adopt theme colours. Whenever you’re working in a PowerPoint deck, the template you’re using will have a set of specified theme colours – even if it’s just PowerPoint’s default colours. These dictate the colour text, graphs, charts, and shapes automatically take. You can see what the theme colours are in the deck you’re working in every time you go to recolour an object or text. Learn how to change theme colours.


Most organisations have a brand template, with specific brand colours set as the theme colours, to make sure everyone’s presentations look consistent. However, as you can see in the screenshot below, though the icon holders match the theme colours I’m using, the bold blue, orange, and red text and the final orange icon on this Power-user template slide do not.

Why is this a problem? There’s a risk that users may not spot these errors, especially when working at speed, compromising brand identity. This can quickly become an issue, particularly when working on an enterprise level.


One set of template slides I’d recommend staying away from entirely is the animated slides. They are a bit odd, use very PowerPoint-y animations (in the worst sense of the word!), and you can do much better animating your slides yourself using simple transitions and basic PowerPoint animations.


I’m unsure what the point of this template slide is!


Power-user comes with lots of visual assets to help you build engaging slides. These are accessed through the Library sidebar.

Icons are super versatile and can have a big impact on the drabbest of slides. Check out a few examples in this blog post. As PowerPoint’s native icons – accessible to Office 365 users – are getting better by the day, it’s interesting to see how Power-user’s offering compares. There’s a large selection of icons which you edit (fill and line colour) once the icons are on your slide. There’s probably a bigger range than PowerPoint offers at the time of writing, but you need to make sure to filter by style to ensure consistency.


Moving on, the illustrations in Power-user’s library are an interesting asset especially for users without an Office 365 subscription (PowerPoint now has a great range of native, editable illustrations under Insert>Icons). Once you add a Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack illustration to your slide, you can ungroup it to access the individual elements of the design. This allows you to edit the illustrations and get creative! It would be great to see a wider range of illustrative styles here in the future.


We first tried out Power-user Premium v1.6.1368 Crack back in 2016, and were impressed by their data maps. Four years later, they are still an impressive resource! There are over 150 different maps with removable labels. By right clicking on the map on your slide and selecting Edit map design, you can change the values associated with each country or region in an Excel sheet. You can then set colours for different values or ranges of values in the Data Maps side bar. You can also edit each region or country manually as a PowerPoint shape.

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