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Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk For PC Download


Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk developed by Team Win for TWRP. Use the app to alert you when new TWRP versions are released for your device. When a new version is available, download it using the app and install it (root users only) without rebooting to recovery.

The app is pretty simple to use thanks to its clean interface but it’s not recommended to ‘play around’ with it if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing, since you could seriously harm your device. At any rate, the app tells you this itself the first time you open it.

Main Features :-

  • The Official TWRP App does not require root to perform version checking, however, additional features are available such as image flashing if you grant root permissions.
  • Currently the app is only able to flash images from internal storage. We will add the ability to use additional storage locations very soon!
  • We will be developing additional features in the near future, so check back often!
  • Please do not ask us to add TWRP support for your device. We simply do not have access to all of the devices or the developer resource to port your device for you. You can port your own device here:

Mod Info :-

  • Premium features unlocked;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
  • This app has no advertisements

  • Official TWRP App ScreenshotOfficial TWRP App ScreenshotOfficial TWRP App Screenshot

How to Mod and Install?

  1. Download Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the crack file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
  6. Enjoy full version

Official TWRP App v1.22 Crack Premium Mod Apk Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

The Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk is the first and only first-party app developed by Team Win for TWRP. Please bear with us as we work to fix any bugs and build out the features. The initial version of the app does not support flashing on the Pixel due to the Pixel’s A/B partition layout. In addition, the app may not support finding and flashing images from external storage locations. We are working hard to improve these items and bring you more new features.

We recommend downloading the app from the Play Store.

If you do not have Play Store access, you may download the Official TWRP App here:

  • Primary (Americas)
  • Primary (Europe)

How do I use the app?

When you first open the app, you will be greeted by a few options. First, you will need to agree not to hold us responsible for anything that happens to your device while using the app. You may also grant the app root permissions. The app will work without root, but some functionality like image flashing will be disabled. Lastly, you can opt into enabling InsightCore (more on this feature later).

Once you have passed this initial screen, you will be greeted with the app home screen where you can choose TWRP FLASH or NETWORK STATISTICS (more on the network statistics later). On the TWRP FLASH screen you will need to select a device.

Once you have selected a device, the app will periodically check for new TWRP versions for the device that you have selected. The default interval is once per day, but you can tap on the settings icon in the upper-right to change the interval or disable the update check entirely.

If you enabled root access, you will see options for selecting an image and buttons for flashing the selected image to boot or recovery. Note that you should flash TWRP images to recovery. The boot image flashing is for flashing full boot images (not just kernel zImages) and should not be used for flashing TWRP.

What is InsightCore or Network Statics?

We have partnered with a company called umlaut on the development of this app. One of the features that we have included with this app is a feature to monitor and record the network performance of your device. umlaut’s InsightCore will keep track of signal strength, network type (3G, 4G, 5G), and network speeds.

If you enable this feature within the app, you will be able to monitor how well your carrier’s network performs and compare the performance you are getting with your carrier to the performance of other users on your same carrier and compare to performance on other carriers in your region.

We believe that crowd-sourcing this network performance data and providing that data to users will help you better choose which carrier offers the best value. You may find their privacy policy here.

TWRP Open Beta

Lead developer on the project Dees_Troy describes the application as an “open beta” of sorts. This means that the app is not fully feature complete right now, but there are plans to support additional features in the future. Currently, what’s on the to-do list includes:

  • Open Recovery Scripting support
  • Google Pixel support, as the flashing tool needs to be updated to support the A/B partition layout
  • Once this is complete, the app may be updated to allow for flashing just a kernel zImage on the Google Pixel phones
  • Support for flashing images from external storage
  • Confirmation dialog after successfully flashing a recovery/boot image
  • Currently English only, but support for other languages is planned
  • Flatter color scheme

P3 Insights Partnership

The Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk application was developed in conjunction with P3 Insight GmbH, a subsidiary of the P3 Group. P3 Insight is well-known for their performance and service quality evaluation of U.K. mobile networks for which they have released several network testing applications.

As a nature of this partnership, the official TWRP application will allow users to participate in global mobile network testing for P3 Insight. This service is opt-in. Denying the application permission to collect network quality data will not limit functionality of the main application in any way.

In any case, if you are interested in participating in P3 Insight’s network testing, you will have the ability to opt-in during initial set-up of the app.

At the bottom of the set-up page, you are asked if you agree to enabling “insightCore.” This is the technology that P3 Insight uses to collect network statistics.

If you click on the “terms and conditions” link, you can view the full privacy policy prior to consenting to testing. The terms promise that no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected or shared outside of what data is necessary to compare various network metrics.

Once you agree or disagree with the terms, you will be brought to the main splash page of the app where you can either enter the main TWRP actions screen as shown previously or view the Network Statistics page provided by P3 Insight.

If you denied access during set-up, you can click on Network Statistics to bring up the terms and conditions consent dialog once more. As of now, opting out cannot be performed without re-installing the app, but support for opting out within the app is planned for a future release.

Network Statistics are collected silently in the background while you are using your phone.  There are three metrics being tested here: Download Speed, Data Availability, and Signal Strength. Each of these are fairly self-explanatory, but there are some important things to note regardless.

As shown in the “help” prompt for each metric, the app tries to ensure very minimal use of your data for those of you on metered connections. In addition, the app tries to avoid excessive battery drain by deriving statistics from very tiny packets of data or collecting statistics from data sent from other apps.


Finally,Official TWRP App v1.22 Premium Mod Apk is one thing I would like to mention is the color scheme used in the network statistics. Some of you might notice that the blue background coupled with the shades of blue used for the bar graphs in each network metric make viewing the graphs a bit difficult. I spoke with the developer regarding this, and he informed me that he will work with P3 Insight to improve the readability.

I myself have only tested the app and all of its features using my Nextbit Robin for the past day, so I have not been able to collect enough network statistics to contribute to the overall metrics shown within the app.

But the hope is that enough people will find the app useful that they will contribute to P3 Insight’s crowd-sourced study regarding mobile network performance and quality in their country. We’re always excited to see the work done by members of Team Win, so we’ll keep you updated if any major developments for the app occur.

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