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Nik Collection by DxO v5.1.0.0 Crack (x64) + License Key Free Download [Latest]


Nik Collection by DxO v5.1.0.0 Crack is the world’s most exciting and creative suite of photo plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. With a range of stunning visual effects and some brilliant new editing tools, Nik Collection 5 gives you total creative control over your photos! Get access to more than 200 stunning creative effects with a click of a mouse. Nik Collection 5 By DxO includes brilliantly creative plugins like Color Efex Pro, for injecting color and atmosphere into your photos.

Features :


Get access to more than 200 stunning creative effects with a click of a mouse. Nik Collection 5 By DxO includes brilliantly creative plugins like Color Efex Pro, for injecting color and atmosphere into your photos. Presets will help you craft classic black-and-white shots using the superb Silver Efex Pro plugin. Nik Collection presets have been developed by award-winning photographers to bring a unique style to your photography. Combine presets and open up a million inspired possibilities that will take your photos to the next creative level.


The brilliant new Nik Selective Tool brings Nik Collection 5 plugins right into the heart of your favorite image-editing software and will save your loads of time and clicks. The new Last Edit feature lets you re-apply your last edits with just one click of a mouse. The new Quick Edit option can re-apply the last plugins you used without needing to launch the plugin interface. Access favorite presets for Silver Efex Pro and HDR Efex Pro, as well as your favorite Color Efex Pro effects. These new features give you an even-more-effective workflow, especially when editing a series of similar images.


The non-destructive workflow is a completely new feature and exclusive to Nik Collection 3. By using the TIFF MULTIPAGE file format, Nik Collection 5 can combine an input file with your original Lightroom edits as well as any changes you’ve made using Nik Collection 3 plugins. Save both sets of edits in a single file.The plugins can open an image in Adobe Lightroom Classic without changing any of the filters that were applied the last time the file was saved. Return to edits as many times as you like without losing any original adjustments made with Adobe Lightroom Classic. Non-destructive workflow gives maximum flexibility when editing and is a huge improvement for users of Adobe Lightroom Classic and DxO PhotoLab.


Perspective Efex automatically corrects geometric distortions in your photos. It’s the quickest and easiest way to fix even the most complex geometric distortions. Either by using reference lines or automatic correction, Perspective Efex can correct any unsightly leading lines in urban and architectural photos, no matter how complex. It’s your best tool to correct keystoning.Using a one-of-a-kind database created from DxO’s optical modules, Perspective Efex also removes all types of distortion, including barrel, pincushion, and fisheye distortion. Perspective Efex, is the only plugin on the market that can automatically correct distortions to the shapes of bodies and faces located along the edges of wide-angle photos, resulting in images that accurately reflect reality.


Take control of the focal point in your photos. Place the emphasis exactly where it works best. With two blur gradients and the flexibility to apply blur just where you want it, Nik’s Miniature Effect can create the perfect amount of transition from sharpness to blur. Add dramatically shallow focus to food shots or turn regular photos into miniature scenes. This brilliant tool even lets you simulate wide-aperture settings for superb and convincing bokeh effects.


Based on Control Points, U POINT technology lets you flexibly apply local adjustments and tweak settings on specific areas of an image. Alterations can include attributes such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Structure, and much more! The system is ideal for selecting areas that aren’t completely round and selections can even be extended to areas that are partially shaded.


Perhaps the best-loved and most-popular Nik Collection by DxO Crack  plugin. With more than 50 different filters and a raft of exciting image recipes, Color Efex pro will inject color and atmosphere into your photos. Add some instant sunshine with the Sunlight filter or create an atmospheric and moody landscape using Color Efex Pro’s Fog filter. Change the color of leaves with the Foliage filter or conjure up a sober mood with the eerie Midnight filter. Color Efex Pro is the quickest and easiest way to add color, mood, and atmosphere to your photos with a creative look that’s as unique as you are.

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How to Crack and Install?

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Nik Collection by DxO v5.1.0.0 Crack Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.


  • Includes color, black-and-white, HDR, and sharpening tools
  • Silver Efex is fantastic
  • Perspective Efex includes miniature effect filter
  • Integrates with Adobe and Capture One workflows
  • Supports latest operating systems and displays


  • Underwhelming nondestructive workflow support
  • Film looks are available in competing software
  • Control Point enhancements not in every app
  • Not yet updated for Apple M1 chips


All of the applications have been updated for compatibility with 64-bit operating systems. On my laptop, macOS doesn’t yell at me about potential issues with future operating systems when launching the software, as it did with the 32-bit edition released by Google.

DxO outlines the full system requirements here. They aren’t strenuous, so if you have a workstation that’s capable of processing digital image files, you should be set. There’s a trial download available too, in case you’re concerned your system isn’t powerful enough, or you just want to give the software a test drive.


There is one thing missing: native support for Apple’s M5 processor. If you use an M1 Mac, you’ll still be able to run the software via Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulation layer.


Edited in Color Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

Aside from substantial updates to Silver Efex and Viveza, the big improvements include tighter integration with Adobe, and a speedier batch workflow to apply the same edits to multiple images, without having to leave the comfortable confines of Lightroom or Photoshop. You’ll be able to copy adjustments from multiple apps, but remember to apply them in the same order as the original image—results won’t be the same otherwise.


New Copy & Apply dialog supports batch edits in Lightroom and Photoshop (Jim Fisher)

track and manage sidecar files

The information about which filters are applied are stored in images themselves, so there’s no need to track and manage sidecar files. This approach leaves Raw format images untouched just like a proper nondestructive workflow should.

It does require you to make duplicate files; if you use a high-resolution camera, be prepared to get a big hard drive to store everything—the TIFF format files you’ll use for the best are a lot bigger than the Raw images your camera captures, even if you opt for an uncompressed format.

A 60MP Raw image from the Sony a7R IV is about 60MB in size; the same file as a TIFF is about 360MB, a figure that doubles to 720MB when nondestructive edits are enabled. There’s a benefit here—the bigger file stores your original image, too. It makes it possible to work on a single image across multiple editing sessions, delivering a bit more creative freedom.


Edited with Analog Efex and Color Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)


There’s a limitation, though. The edits don’t carry over from one application to another. As an example, I applied a Vintage Camera look to the photo above in Analog Efex. With the nondestructive edits enabled, I was able to go back and make changes after the fact with ease. But once I loaded the same file into Color Efex Pro and added a Bleach Bypass effect, I lost the ability to undo edits made in Analog Efex. So the edits are nondestructive, but only for the most recent application you’ve used.

I tested DxO with Lightroom Classic. From here on out, I’ll talk about using the software with Adobe, but mechanics aside, the experience is similar with Photo Lab or Capture One as your launcher.


Edited with Silver Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

DxO has made some changes to the way U-Point controls work. A hallmark of Nik, U-Points make selective adjustments to color, exposure, contrast, and other settings. These localized adjustments are useful for times when you want to restrict edits to one area of your image.

Easily Managed

The updated U-Point system is more easily managed. Control points can be renamed and promise more accurate masking based on luminance or color value, and you can save them as part of presets if you’d like. The new functions are only available in Silver Efex and Viveza, though; the rest of the suite uses the old style.


Edited with Silver Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

Other updates are subtle. If you edit using Photoshop you’ll now have access to a Last Edit feature. If you’ve made some edits you like, but forgot to save a preset before saving your photo and closing the Nik app, you can go back, but only to the most recent photo you’ve worked on.

Analog Efex Pro

If you’re thinking about buying the Nik Collection, it’s probably for one of the creative applications. You get Analog Efex for unique toy camera, motion, and other filters; Color Efex has a number of filter looks, both color and black-and-white; Silver Efex is able to mimic the look and feel of many classic emulsions, including Kodak Tri-X and Ilford Delta; and Perspective Efex is a new addition that can make technical adjustments to correct geometry, and also provide an artistic miniature effect.


Analog Efex Pro

Analog Efex Pro is a virtual Swiss Army knife of film and motion effects that can be used to build presets, called Cameras in the app. There are a number of preset options, broken down into categories like Motion, Toy Camera, and Wet Plate.

It’s easy to browse through these galleries and apply different looks to your photos with a single click, and you can then customize aspects to suit your liking. If you’re adding a grainy, dusty look with Classic Camera 7, it’s easy to switch to a more extreme scratched look by selecting a different swatch from the Dust and Lint panel.


Self- Review

But I find myself not liking the Dust and Lint options for this image. I think I’d rather add texture with a Photo Plate, a digital tool that mimics the look of 19th century wet plate photography. A quick trip to the Camera Kit allows you to enable the Photo Plate option; you can see the end results above.

It’s not all grain and faded film looks. Analog Efex also has has some interesting motion blur options, with drag-and-drop control over the locus and direction of the blur via Nik’s U Point system. There are multi-lens filters for Andy Warhol-style split images, simulated light leaks and lens distortion, film strip frames, double exposure options, and basic tone, curve, and level adjustments.


Analog Efex Pro

When you’re satisfied with your edits, it’s a matter of hitting Save to commit the changes to the hard drive. Once you’ve done this, you can’t go back—you’ll need to open up a fresh copy of the picture to step through any changes. You can, however, save your own Presets, if you find that you have a specific look you like (this is true for all of the creative applications in the Nik Collection, not just Analog Efex).

Color Efex Pro

If you’re a fan of filters, Color Efex Pro will make you happy. It offers up a laundry list of options, ranging from emulation of some color film types (similar to what Silver Efex does for black-and-white stocks) and processes—think cross-processing and bleach bypass—to the more extreme filters that blur the lines between photography and fine art, like the solarization effect shown below.


Color Efex Pro

The filter list is extensive, and the software allows you to stack as many filters onto one image as you want. It’s easy to toggle the effects of any with a simple checkbox, so you can play with combinations and save your own presets, called Recipes.

Some of the functions, like adding a graduated neutral density filter, grain, or split-tone effects, are almost certainly included in your Raw converter. It’s the ability to stack the filters together that gives some appeal to Color Efex Pro.


Edited in Color Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

Give images a film-like look

Likewise, if you just want to give images a film-like look, there are dozens of preset packs available for Lightroom and Capture One. For a little bit more money than the Nik Collection, RNI All Films 5 gives you tons of film looks that can be applied with a single click from within your workflow application—no round-tripping required. Color Efex offers some film looks that you don’t get in RNI, though.


Edited in Color Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

But you may find the Recipes you can create to be worth it. DxO includes twenty of its own, which can give you a starting point with your images. I took one called Lavender and added a Bi-Color effect, some film grain, and simulated the look of C41 film developed in E6 chemicals. The finished image, above, is one that I wouldn’t be able to make with Lightroom alone.

HDR Efex Pro

Both Capture One and Lightroom can merge multiple shots together to net one with more dynamic range. The technique, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, can be used to blend multiple exposures for scenes with extreme shifts.


HDR Efex Pro (Jim Fisher)

There may be shots where you’re not happy with simple Raw processing to expand dynamic range. That’s where HDR Efex Pro comes into play. It has a number of presets to help get you started, as well as slider adjustments to control the intensity of the effect.

HDR images can look unnatural if processed too aggressively, and while HDR Efex Pro certainly gives you the tools to craft photos with very high sharpening and localized contrast, the built-in presets trend toward more realistic looks.


Raw image without adjustments (Jim Fisher)

Modern image sensors

With modern image sensors, you don’t always need multiple exposures to make HDR images. Take a look at the unprocessed Raw image shot with the Fujifilm GFX100S, a tough scene with the rising sun pointing directly into the lens, and a lot of detail in shadow.

I sent the 16-bit TIFF, created by Lightroom from Raw, into HDR Efex Pro and was able to cycle through many different starter looks for the finished shot. A single click pulls in highlights and opens up shadows. I started with the Tinted Structure look for the finished shot.


The Nik Collection by DxO v5.1.0.0 Crack is an iconic name in photo editing. DxO has revived the software, updating it for 64-bit operating systems and offering other improvements.

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