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Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Crack Premium Mod Apk For PC Download


Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Mod Apk is a unique no root ad blocker for Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps.
AdGuard VPN hides your real IP address and location so that you can access blocked content from anywhere in the world, at any time. Visit your favorite websites and forget about all restrictions!

AdGuard VPN — the best free solution for your online security from the creators of famous ad blocker

Main Features :-

  • Encrypt your connection.
  • Hide your IP address and websites you visit from anyone (including your Internet provider) and ensure anonymous browsing on the web.
  • Conceal your location and unblock geographically restricted websites or content with no limitations on traffic.
  • For 10 years AdGuard ad blocker has been protecting its users from annoying ads and spying trackers. Today, over 25 million people worldwide trust AdGuard with their privacy, so we added the brand new tool to even further strengthen their cyber security — AdGuard VPN.
  • Complementary to all the features any modern VPN has, AdGuard VPN has something more to offer — it’s integrated with other AdGuard products and provides protection from tracking and malware. Join us and surf safely!
  • Advanced Privacy Protection
  • Unblock websites and content
  • Speed & Unlimited Traffic
  • No Logging Policy

Mod Info :-

  • Premium features unlocked;
  • No startup with patched watermarks;
  • Skip startup tutorial.
  • This app has no advertisements

  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy ScreenshotAdGuard VPN — private proxy ScreenshotAdGuard VPN — private proxy ScreenshotAdGuard VPN — private proxy ScreenshotAdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot

What is AdGuard & Who Is Behind It?

Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Mod Apk is a premium ad blocker solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & home networks. The service utilizes downloadable software applications and system extensions to neutralize and block all incoming advertisements while browsing the Internet. Adguard can also block tracking scripts from identifying your IP address for complete anonymity while online.

Founded in 2009 in the Moscow area, Adguard’s first office was in one of the co-founder’s apartments. In the following years, the company continued to grow, rework its products, establish new offices and eventually headquarter in Cyprus in 2017. The company has continued to expand its product line to incorporate support for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web browsers, and more.

AdGuard Pricing Options & Product Offerings

Depending on your needs, one of a few Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Crack product offers could be suitable for you. As of June 2021, these are the different products that are being offered by the company:

  • Adguard for Mac
  • Adguard for Windows
  • Adguard for iOS
  • Adguard for Android
  • Adguard Home (must be installed on a device like a Raspberry Pi)
  • Adguard VPN

For the purposes of this AdGuard review, we are going to be focusing on our usage of Adguard for Mac although it will be directly transferrable to the experiences you’d have as a user of Adguard for Windows or on a mobile device running iOS or Android.

The Adguard Home and VPN services are entirely different products so we won’t be discussing them in this review, but we may cover them in separate reviews in the future.

There are no free trials for the main Adguard product line, but the pricing model is reasonable with both annual and lifetime license options.

Annual Pricing:

Personal plan (up to 3 devices): $2.49/month or $29.88 a year

Family plan: (up to 9 devices): $5.49/month or $65.88 a year

Setapp: Getting AdGuard & Dozens of Premium Mac Apps for A Low Subscription Cost

While you can purchase standalone access to AdGuard through their website, there is another alternative method to getting access that is how I gained access to create this Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Crack review. This method is through a subscription service called Setapp.

Setapp offers a free 7-day trial then costs $9.99 a month, but offers full unrestricted access to AdGuard which unlocks access on both MacOS & iOS devices. In addition to AdGuard access, Setapp offers full access to many premium Mac applications including CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2, ClearVPN, Disk Drill, NetSpot, Luminar and more.

How Does The AdGuard Service Work?

Ad-blocking is not new technology and has been around for many years at this point. What makes AdGuard unique is how thoroughly it works to block ads.

Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Crack starts by scanning your browser and identifying all of the ad-related components that are loaded on each page you visit, such as scripts, images, CSS files, etc.

It then searches for filters in its database which match these elements; there are filters for tracking scripts, ads, and pop-ups.

Once AdGuard has identified the relevant filters, it will create a list of rules to block those elements from loading in your browser. This means that any ad on the page you are visiting is blocked before it even loads at all!

AdGuard filters are capable of blocking a large range of advertisements. Adguard has a large variety of different filters – some made by them, and others built by enthusiasts.

Ad filtering options depend on which AdGuard product you are using. Browser extensions rely on filtering capabilities provided by what’s available to them within the application. AdGuard for Windows, Mac and Android work independently from your browser, using a different filtering algorithm.


There’s a lot to like in this app, and here’s why:

  • It’s an actual standalone app, so is more effective than just browser extension ad blockers.
  • We got to choose our privacy protection level to suit our browsing habits.
  • AdGuard works well with Safari and Chrome browsers, which should suit most Mac users, but the app works with all browsers as well.
  • Works brilliantly on YouTube (where constant ads are a pain in the butt) with Safari to block ads.
  • There’s also an AdGuard iPhone or an Android app for extra versatility when browsing on different devices.
  • We were able to disable AdGuard on websites we chose by whitelisting the site, and we liked the option to stop AdGuard from blocking subscription windows.
  • We found AdGuard easy to use, which is always a must-have!


In a perfect world, AdGuard would be a perfect app. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world, and there are a couple of minor issues with AdGuard, but definitely not enough to put us off using it:

  • Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 Crack teamed with Safari works very well, but sometimes a little too well – on sites like Reddit, it didn’t just block the ads, but parts of the page as well!
  • AdGuard consumes up to 120MB of RAM, which is twice as much as the Safari ad blocker extension does. However, we didn’t have any noticeable slowing down of our system while using it.

How I used AdGuard to make my browsing experience better


So, how does AdGuard work in everyday life? Before I downloaded and installed it I admit I was skeptical about how well it would work and how much of a difference it would actually make to browsing. As I have Setapp, it was easy to find and install Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 MOD APK If you don’t have Setapp, you can download AdGuard directly from the AdGuard website.

You’ll need to make sure your macOS has the following before downloading:

  • Operating system – OS X 10.10 (64 bit) or higher
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • Compatible browsers – Safari, Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Mozilla Firefox or any other Mac compatible browser
  • 120MB free disk space

Click Download on the AdGuard page, and wait for Adguardinstaller.dmg to download.


Double click the icon in the list of downloads on the Dock panel, and the AdGuard icon will appear on your screen. Click to open the installation, then double-click on the AdGuard icon in the installation window.

When you launch AdGuard for the first time, your OS will have a panic attack and warn you that you’ve just downloaded an app from the internet.

Click on Open, then click Install. The installer will download the files, and to use the app you’ll need the admin password for your macOS account.

Once you’ve done that, there’s a cheery-looking installation wizard that will let you configure AdGuard to suit you.


That’s it – done and dusted! Now to put AdGuard through its paces.

Using AdGuard to Remove ads on a Mac

The first thing you see is a screen with a big On/Off switch on starting AdGuard up. This screen shows the main stats, but I don’t have any yet as it’s the first time I’ve ever used it. AdGuard features four main modules:

Ad Blocker

This module claims to remove all ad banners and annoying messages from web pages by using a set of filtering rules.

Browsing Security

This module offers protection from malware and phishing websites. It will stop you from installing malware and protect you from fraudulent activity.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection aims to protect your personal information being tracked by online statistics gatherers.

[ Suggested Read: Free Anonymous Browsers for Private Web Browsing ]


Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 MOD APK makes use of several browser extensions of its own:

  • AdGuard Assistant – quick and simple filtering control in your browser
  • AdGuard Popup Blocker – Blocks popup ads on web pages
  • Web of Trust – This rather dramatically named (but potentially useful) extension shows other internet users’ opinions about any website you may decide to visit.

You need to configure AdGuard before using it, and I dislike configuring anything so I hope it’s quick and simple. It turns out to be easy enough – click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window and choose Preferences. The General Preferences window opens, and it’s from here that you can fine-tune the way you want AdGuard to work. You can also edit your Whitelist from here.

The Filters panel asks me to choose how I want to filter out the ads.  There are many options here including the Base filter, Annoyances filter, and EasyList filter.

The User Rules panel lets you add your own rules if you know how to code, but I leave this one well alone!

Adguard – Block Ads Without Root MOD APK v4.0.77 Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD space 800MB
  • 670-MB installation space required
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and also 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 or later.

How to MOD and install?

  1. Download Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 MOD APK
  2. Now install it on your program.
  3. After installation is complete, copy and paste the modded file
  4. Then paste it in an installation directory
  5. Done
  6. Enjoy full version


Adguard – Block Ads Without Root v4.0.77 MOD APK is a great tool for anyone who uses the internet – but especially those who use it a lot. It will zap all those annoying ads as well as protecting your data and security online by warning you about phishing and fraudulent websites.

The app is easy to download, install, and once set up can be left to happily run in the background until it detects an ad or a problem. The minor flaws are just that – minor – and if you’re looking for a powerful ad blocker then why not give AdGuard a try?

Download (31.1 MB):

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